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Elizabeth Arden – FREE Educational/Career eBook and Audio for December

This month, you have the opportunity to learn from one of the iconic women in business, Elizabeth Arden. Her FREE eBook and Audio personifies the value of dedication and hard work. Your career goals are enriched by the amazing stories of those who made the most of their own opportunities. We can learn a lot from the achievements of amazing people; not only in the areas for which they are acclaimed, but in the way they lived their lives.  

December Newsletter

We know December is a busy time, but wait until you see some of the historical achievements and events that occurred during this particular month. It appears December may have always been busy. Find out whose 'anniversary' we celebrate - his life story is the perfect gift for music lovers! Our December Newsletter is out now.


Alfred Nobel – FREE Educational/Career eBook and Audio for November

This month, Amazing People Education is proud to offer the FREE eBook and Audio story about ALFRED NOBEL. Alfred Nobel held 350 various patents during his life-time, an indication of his unique talent. A chemist, innovator, engineer, Alfred Nobel used his fortune to create one of the highest awards to recognise the amazing achievements of others. There have been many worthy recipients of the Nobel Prize and one amazing individual was Marie Curie, who received the award twice! CAREERS - Download and share this inspirational story to encourage others to drive themselves forward in their own careers. 

November Newsletter

Thanksgiving is here! Dating back to 1621, this day has become an important event as we remember and celebrate the hard work and achievements of our founding fathers and mothers. Meet some of these amazing pioneers this month in our November Newsletter. Find out what our team have been up to around the world and add other significant dates to your calendars.