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Lost in Space?

 Our FREE eBook or Audio this month is about YURI GAGARIN. Fortunately he did not get 'lost in space' as he explored the universe! Yuri was a Soviet pilot and cosmonaut and was the first human to journey into outer space. This is truly a remarkable journey, hurtling away from the safety of earth into the unknown. Simply register your email and enjoy the many free items we offer every month. An educational must have.

APRIL NEWS - Read what we have unearthed for April

With Earth Day being celebrated on April 22, we immediately thought of the many courageous EXPLORERS and COLONISTS who, through the courage and perseverance, travelled into unknown territory. Join us this month and travel around the world and 'unearth' the incredible stories about these amazing pioneers. Two other special days are coming up ~  World Book Day and International Jazz Day. How can you incorporate these days as an educational 'tool'? We celebrate some very special birthdays this month too! ELT Readers, Amazing People Library, our FREEBIE for the month AND...what is Dr Charles up to? Find out in our April Newsletter.

Special Two-Story Edition - FREE

The Amazing People Club are proud to feature this AMAZING DUO, Helen Keller and Ada Lovelace, as our March FREE eBook or Audio. This Free SPECIAL TWO-STORY EDITION, celebrates the lives and achievements of two very different, but equally incredible women. What do you know about them?


Simply register your email to become one of the many 'Amazing People' who enjoy adding these unique eBooks and Audios by Dr Charles Margerison, to their libraries. Great Teacher resources.

March Newsletter

One of the challenges this month is to encourage READING.  In our March newsletter, we highlight several SPECIAL events around the world that include Women, Doctors, Birthdays, Music and St. Patrick's Day! We CHALLENGE your knowledge of an amazing Englishman and we hope to INSPIRE you to make subtle changes in your lives. Our NEW ONLINE LIBRARY is exciting news! Don't forget, every newsletter includes access to our latest FREEBIE - Happy reading.


Books, eBooks and Audios

Welcome to The Amazing People Club. We publish books and audio stories about the world’s most amazing people, from Shakespeare to Curie, Lincoln to Nightingale, Michelangelo to Disney.

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